You Are Being Tracked, Evaluated and Sold: An analysis of digital inequalities

Hosted by the International Inequalities Institute and Atlantic Fellows programme

If our personal data is traded in milliseconds up to 70k times per day, what does this mean? Should we care? Are we aware? Does it matter? Is it possible to escape?

In this talk, Bev Skeggs draws on research that uses software to track the trackers (Facebook) and identifies how a person's browser use is tracked and searched in detail for sources of potential value that can be sold to advertising companies. She argues that if we want to know how inequalities are being shaped in the present and future we need to understand the opaque mechanisms that operate through stealth and experiment with our personal disclosures.

Value and Values: Interaction, Infrastructures and Accumulation

Presentations from the final symposium for the project.

Speakers: Will Davies, Natalie Fenton, Olga Goriunova, Adrian MacKenzie, Johnna Montgomerie, Alberto Toscano and Joanna Zylinska.

Values & Value is funded by an ESRC Professorial Fellowship (ES/K010786/1) and hosted by the Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London.